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I love your Grocery Delivery company!  It is a godsend to me!  You are able to help me in so many ways, are prompt, are reliable, and so very dependable.  And, your assistants are just the greatest, too!.  Keep up the good work. Justine, frequent customer. 

I recently had foot surgery and my foot couldn't touch the floor for six weeks.  Because it was the right foot, no driving either.  This was such a blessing - I just called my order in and she did the rest.  I even actually saved money, because there was no impulse buying.....Pat,  frequent customer.

Grocery Delivery is a god sent to me!!  i am unable to drive due to a disability and this has come through, even on short notice.  My orders have always been exactly what I requested and even, better sometimes more economical than I had planned!  That in itself is a huge plus for me, as I work within a very strict budget.  Every dime I have ever paid  has always been well-spent.  Delivered Goods shops for all the bargains, but never compromises the quality of goods I receive.  The owner is such a friendly, honest, professional as well as personable person you could ever do business with.  So trustworthy, that I have never even hesitated to give her my debit card to utilize to make my purchases for me.  All in all, I am ever so glad to have found this service----professionalism coupled with politeness is quite difficult to find in a business setting and I can happily say that this business goes that (always appreciated) extra mile!  Keep up the excellent job, you have a client for life within me.  LInda, frequent shopper